KN95 Vs. N95: Whats The Difference?

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You may have heard the buzzword N95 in recent weeks and months surrounding the Corona Virus pandemic. You may have also heard about its close relative the KN95. In this article we will get down to it and unpack the difference between the two masks. There are more similarities than differences. Lets get started with the N95.

The FDA defines the N95 mask as a “respirator and surgical mask (face masks) of personal protective equipment that is used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face. One of the most prominent brands in the manufacture of the N95 is 3M, who President Donald Trump enacted the Defense Production Act in order to help create much needed production. So what does the “95” in N95 stand for?

The “95” in N95 refers to its filtration efficiency. FDA approved and BFE certified masks must be at least 95% effective in preventing harmful particles and bacteria from entering the human system. This is why the N95 is in very high demand and sought out among health professionals throughout the country. Health professionals who work in hospitals, clinics and urgent care rooms cant afford to risk contracting the virus by using a home made face covering like a bandana. Read our article to see how effective bandanas are in preventing Covid 19. The N95 is most famously produced by 3M but most recently has been heavily produced by American manufacture Honeywell in Arizona. So what about its close counter the KN95, what is the difference?

The KN95 has more similarities than differences when comparing it with the N95. Some say N95’s are produced in America and others say the KN95 is produced overseas in countries like China and India. There is some truth to that. The FDA recently approved use of the KN95 in America as shortages of the N95 become widespread. The majority of KN95’s that make their way over to the USA do come from China. The KN95 are FDA approved and also must follow the same BFE standards. They must pass 95% filtration efficiency which makes them a secondary favorite to the N95. Many have also stated that the KN95 is much more comfortable to wear when comparing it to the N95 which has elastic bands that can often feel constricting and at times can snap off. Many health professionals state that the two are equally as safe, just make sure to double or triple check that they are BFE tested & FDA approved and certified first.

In conclusion, there is virtually no difference in efficiency between the two masks. The major difference between the two masks is the country of origin and price point at the moment. Regardless of what mask you choose it is very smart to wear PPE face masks and gloves every time you leave the house, especially when visiting essential businesses like grocery stores and retail shops. Looking for emergency PPE? Reach out today to us at Terratori at

Always remember, stay home, practice social distancing and be safe.

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