How Healthcare Professionals Use KN95 Masks

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KN95 Masks For Health Care Professionals


Most hospitals use surgical masks for day to day use. However, when specific pathogens or viruses are present, they rely on the use of KN95 masks for added protection to prevent a transfer of any diseases that they may be exposed to during a procedure. They are still single-use masks, which makes them easy to remove once a medical professional has finished using it and can quickly throw it away, to avoid transmitting the pathogens to any other patients or other medical professionals that they come in contact with. 

Why They Use Them

KN95 masks are designed to prevent people from getting sick with certain diseases and infections. By wearing a mask, medical professionals are protecting themselves and their patients from getting the disease. They are also useful to help filter out viruses and bacteria that they would otherwise be breathing in, which could cause them to have difficulty breathing or worse get severely sick. Having the protection of the mask keeps medical professionals healthy and allows them to focus on caring for their patients who depend on them.  

When Medical Professionals Use KN95 Masks 

Medical professionals rely on KN95s masks to help them during up close procedures that may put them in harm’s way of being infected with someone else’s microorganisms, or body fluids. They can be assured that these masks will fit snug on their face by sealing off from outer exposure to avoid the chance of getting any particles into their mouth. This also makes it less likely they will be tempted to reach for their face to adjust the mask when it fits so snug. They must have as much protection as they can to keep then safe and healthy while they work. 

How to Use Masks Properly

The KN95 masks are designed for a single-use. This makes it less likely to spread any pollutants or viruses when coming home from work with a reusable mask that could cling to germs on the outside while working with sick people all day. Medical professionals should always make sure to wash their hands before after handling a used KN95 mask to prevent them from spreading anything that they may have gotten on their hands from the mask.

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